Case Study: How Painting Revitalises Your Home

We recently sat down with one of our customers in Singleton and asked them a few questions about why they wanted to paint and what they expected to get out of it. The bottom line is if you want a revitalised home that will look refreshed and like new again you should definitely consider painting. This is especially important if you live near the ocean and haven’t painted in a few years to protect the exterior of the house and to upkeep the value of your property.

Why did you want to paint your home?
We moved into this home in 2003 and both my wife and I painted all the walls and ceilings ourselves. My wife’s artistic background allowed blind walls to be created in colours that enhanced the furniture, rugs and paintings. The ceilings were not painted in white, rather, they were in a colour that reflected the walls. Only the cornice was white. We chose to repaint our home in 2019 because it was time given the number of years that had elapsed. We also recognised that repainting the home would give it value and freshness.

Were there any issues you wanted to fix in your home by engaging a painter?
Chips in the walls, doors and door surround made it necessary that they are fixed. A painter could do this quite easily rather than touch-ups which don’t often work owing to paint matching issues. Of particular interest was the exterior of the house especially the gutters and eaves. They needed a new coat of paint because of weathering problems. We live near the sea so the problems with the weather are much more acute.

What did you expect your home to look and feel like after painting?
To look new again. Anyone driving up to the home and entering could see that the house looked revitalised.

Did you have any concerns prior to engaging a painter? Were they overcome during the painting process?
We obtained 3 quotes and set about checking which was value for money. Of course one does often lean towards the cheapest quote but there were other issues such as moving of furniture in rooms that had to be painted. Who would do it and put back up the curtain fittings and blinds? A quote is not a firm price until you (as a consumer) ask does it include GST. One quotation gave a pre-GST and post GST price.  Two other quotes were GST included. I looked closely at AusCoat Painting and Decorating because their price was right and they answered the concerns we had. Ours is a very large home and we wanted it painted in three stages (the front, followed by the rear and then the outside).

How did you feel about your home after it was painted?
We were very pleased because both of us recognised that this would be the last time it would be done in our lifetime. The painting (with Dulux quality paints) will last longer than the period we would remain in this house. As we age we expect to one day have to move to other forms of managed care and that is anticipated to be in the next 10-15 years.

What was different about your home after painting?
No chips, marks or anything that needed attention. Just clean walls and ceilings painted with precision and skill as one would expect in engaging professional painters. We wanted our alfresco ceiling sealed and painted because it had suffered owing to weather and living near the sea. It was done beautifully and much better than we expected.

Why would you engage us again?
They met all our expectations at the price we were willing to pay. No request was too hard and we are amazed at how hard the team worked to finish jobs that at best was difficult and fiddly. In hindsight, yes, we would engage AusCoat Painters & Decorators again. They have a good team of professional painters and they use quality paints. The key to engaging them is through the owner James Jonker who was very polite and never unreasonable when we asked for certain matters to be in place. We could engage in a dialogue with James because of his forthright and friendly nature.

Any additional thoughts or feedback on your home being painted?
Price is not always the main criteria when choosing a painter. You are relying on a quality finish and part of that is using paint of the type supplied by Dulux. When we painted our home in 2003 we used Dulux paints exclusively and that level of quality was still evident when we decided that we needed to repaint again in 2019. I never looked at the claims on the website as a guide. I could read and take it all in but I needed to be convinced that AusCoat Painters & Decorators could deliver. They had a website so I had something to read, compare and decide when I examined the three quotations.

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